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We've Moved!
04/11/12 07:30 PM by Tiraehd
We moved our guild hosting to a new site. Please visit us on www.TaoOfOdin.com


Tao Of Odin - The Best Guild on Tanaris. Casual Raiding, PVP, Fun & Games!
Register with the name of your main and post here to have your alts linked to your main account. This will allow your alts to sign-up for events and earn Guild Honor Points.
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03/09/12 08:24 PM

Tao of Odin Turns 5 in October.

10/01/11 05:07 PM


05/10/11 01:37 AM

Tao Takes it's Place as a Leading Guild on Tanaris

04/11/11 09:54 PM

What is that funny smell?

02/13/11 05:10 PM

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