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We've Moved!
04/11/12 07:30 PM by Tiraehd.
We moved our guild hosting to a new site. Please visit us on www.TaoOfOdin.com


None yet.

Looking for Volunteers!
03/09/12 08:24 PM by Tiraehd.

For the longest time I've been telling people I have all these ideas about how I think Tao should grow and that I have more ideas than I could possibly impliment all on my own.

I started a thread awhile ago and have for the most part kept it up.

Check it out and see The Big Picture: How You Can Help Your Guild!


None yet.

Tao of Odin Turns 5 in October.
10/01/11 05:07 PM by Tiraehd.

This month marks Tao of Odin's 5th birthday. I can honestly say there were times when I never thought we'd make it this far, but here we are and stronger than ever.

To celebrate you'll find a month's worth of events. New ones will be appearing all the time so make sure to keep an eye on the calendar. Keep in mind most of the raids are recurring and spawn once a week so later in the month, if it looks like there's no raids, know they'll spawn closer to the date.

Additionally, October will be a GHP free month. This means while we will still use all the rules for looting and you will still earn GHP, loot will not cost GHP. In an effort to ensure loot is still somewhat evenly distributed, if you are in line for more than one drop in a raid, the raid leader may ask you to pass on it. Please be kind this month and share the wealth that is free loot!

Happy Birthday Tao!


None yet.

05/10/11 01:37 AM by Brownsugar.

Tao of Odin is getting huge in number, and we need to get acquainted with the other guild members that have like ideas on raiding, heroical dungeons, guild achievements, and just playing the game with each other.

We need ideas on how to meet, and group with your guildmates. And from talking to some of the guild members, I know there are lots of things you want to do with other guild members, and we need to bring these things together so we can have more fun with the game.

Please, send in game mails so I can get these ideas from you, please, don't be afraid to suggest whatever idea you would like to see happen in Tao. It's all good stuff, and we can make it work if we all work on it together.

Send your ideas by in game mail to Uriaheep. Also, we can set up a time to talk out ideas on our Ventrilo, like a conference call. The Ventrilo address is up on the left side of out homepage.

Ambassador to Tao of Odin, and council of the throngs


Logistics might help this in regard to raiding or organizing a pvp group. I play this game primarily weekdays after 6 PM PST....that's 9 PM EST. I'm up for raiding mostly. I stay on for usually at least 3 hours sometimes more. Hyperchut at 05/10/11 07:30 PM
I somewhat agree with Anatole. I've ran into some guildies that have done some stuff that looked like something a stupid kid would do. Hyperchut at 05/10/11 07:33 PM
I think brainstorming some fresh ideas for the calendar would be great. We're past due for some things like darts ;) where the only goal is to have fun.Tiraehd at 05/11/11 07:57 PM
I just wanted to place an apology here in public view, for applying what was very well too much of the blame on Uriah for the antics of a large handful of the newer Guildies. I'm also going to add that if I misinterpreted your intentions, as in: you trying to bring the Guild closer together, as something mischievous I'm sorry about that too. It's very likely attributed to my paranoia, and a good deal of bad coincidences. If there's anything I need to address with you in the futre, i'll try to keep it more professional and go with PM or mail directly to you. Anatole at 05/13/11 11:35 PM
We all get a little crazy at this time of the universe. :)Brownsugar at 05/16/11 10:56 PM
Tao Takes it's Place as a Leading Guild on Tanaris
04/11/11 09:54 PM by Tiraehd.
Tao Dings 25



Tao Scorpions on Parade


None yet.

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