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Need Expert Advice! Ask Jeeba, Just say "Dear Jeeba,..."
01/31/11 10:12 PM by Jeeba.

Send me (in game mail) the burning questions that you always wanted to ask but didn't because you thought the guild would think you were stupid for asking that question, I will do the best I can to answer. Other people are probably wondering the same thing so don't be shy! Just mail "Dear Jeeba" in game and ask the question!


Don't forget... send him an in game mail. If you post here everyone can see the questions before hand and that spoils the surprise.Tiraehd at 01/31/11 10:33 PM
Would it be better to send Jeeba a private message, so he can copy and paste it in his colum*n.Brownsugar at 02/07/11 10:12 AM
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