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How big is it?
02/05/11 09:58 PM by Jeeba.

Dear Jeeba,

Is it really that big?

Yours Truly,
Undersized in Undercity

Dear Undersized,

Yes, It is. This is a brand new way to get your questions asked! Well okay, its not that big yet but it will be! (I'm talking about my new news column, which is by the way how you spell colum, which is where I answer questions.) But yes, this is going to be big. Big as my girlfriends feet. Big as the seventh fleet. Big as my girlfriends hips! Big as 2 battleships. I'm talking big here!

Telling the truth,

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omg lmao! nice job jeeba :)Tiraehd at 02/05/11 10:03 PM
It was so big, when I dropped pestilence on a monster, it got hit too.Runez at 02/14/11 08:38 PM
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