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Tao of Odin Turns 5 in October.
10/01/11 05:07 PM by Tiraehd.

This month marks Tao of Odin's 5th birthday. I can honestly say there were times when I never thought we'd make it this far, but here we are and stronger than ever.

To celebrate you'll find a month's worth of events. New ones will be appearing all the time so make sure to keep an eye on the calendar. Keep in mind most of the raids are recurring and spawn once a week so later in the month, if it looks like there's no raids, know they'll spawn closer to the date.

Additionally, October will be a GHP free month. This means while we will still use all the rules for looting and you will still earn GHP, loot will not cost GHP. In an effort to ensure loot is still somewhat evenly distributed, if you are in line for more than one drop in a raid, the raid leader may ask you to pass on it. Please be kind this month and share the wealth that is free loot!

Happy Birthday Tao!


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