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New Website Feature
10/20/09 06:09 PM by Tiraehd.

Have a great screenshot you'd love to share with your fellow guildies? Now you can!

Introducing Tao's picture gallery! No special hosting required and all registered members can do it. Simply go to the gallery via the handy link on the right side (Psst, it's --> way).

To add your own files, click "add files" and you can upload up to 4 of them at a time. For best results, before you upload, rename your files to be descriptive of what it's about. Post comments to your own and other members' photos.

Tao of Odin Picture Gallery

So let's see 'em! Dust off those old screenshots and share all the fun and excitement we have!


None yet.

Malygos Down!
08/20/09 07:39 AM by Tiraehd.

Malygos' Cold Dead Heart

Once again, Blizzard decides to cheat us out of a good kill shot by providing us with no body. We only had his cold dead heart so that will have to do.

We had quite a bit of adrenaline to burn off, so after we took care of looting and awarding the bounty...

Lining up for the Bounty

...we decided to take a victory lap around Dalaran, a hopefully new tradition for whenever a new boss is killed.

It's a Parade!

Our Victory Lap

Strength & Honor!


It was about time! Nice job all!Tiraehd at 09/11/09 03:38 PM
gratz all! wish i was there for it tho lolEnimed at 09/16/09 02:22 PM
New Milestones for Tao
07/15/09 06:21 PM by Tiraehd.

Wow! And I don't mean World of Warcraft ;)

Tao has done a LOT of growing lately! Not only are we growing our membership seemingly effortlessly, but our heros are continuing their efforts to gain tales of triumph.

Since my last substantive news article we've neared our goals and demolished several major milestones:

Gotten closer and closer to our goal of destroying Malygos. Last week we had him down to 5%. If we can do 5% we can go the distance!

Razorscale has seen better days.

Auriaya learned what happens when someone stands in the way of our glory!

Naxxramas was shaken with the entry of 25 of us...

Similarly, Ulduar felt the pressure of our masses!

We are working together and amazing things are happening. We have accomplished much, yet there are more goals to set and break.

Pawene ichnee pawene, Tao of Odin!


None yet.

07/08/09 09:44 PM by Tiraehd.


None yet.

Adventures in Ulduar
05/29/09 12:33 PM by Tiraehd.

April showers may bring May flowers, but nothing fertilizes them better than rotting boss corpses.

On 5/3/09 we made our debut into Ulduar by downing Flame Laviathan.
Flame Leviathan

By the 17th, one boss wouldn't do it anymore so we decided to take out XT 002 Deconstructor.
XT 002 Deconstructor

Kologarn found what Tao's capable of on the 26th.


None yet.

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