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Blackwing Descent Strategy Guide

Blackwing Descent Strategy Guide

A 10/25 person raid for level 85 characters with an average item level of 342 and located in Blackrock Mountain.

Nefarian, the eldest son of Deathwing the Destroyer, has been bested by the heroes of Azeroth in the past, most recently in Blackwing Lair. Hubris and arrogance have ever been the great dragon's weak points - but returning from beyond the veil of death has made him cautious. Where another wyrm might strike back with brutish anger against the tiny insects who disrupted his plans, Nefarian has retreated.

Dwelling on the lessons learned from his defeat in Blackwing Lair, he has burrowed deeper into the heart of Blackrock Mountain, and rebuilt his sanctuary. The Vault of the Shadowflame, a deep pit of cascading magma, is the heart of Blackwing Descent, and the location of horrific new experiments in undeath and magical augmentation, including a triumph dear to even Nefarian's cold, wrathful heart.

Only death awaits those fools who would assume that the Lord of Blackrock will be easily defeated a second time.

Encounter Guides

Omnotron Defense System
Nefarian's End
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