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Bastion of Twilight Strategy Guide

Bastion of Twilight Strategy Guide

A 10/25 person raid for level 85 characters with an average item level of 342 and located in Twilight Highlands.

Azeroth is doomed. Not today, perhaps, or even tomorrow - but eventually the world will be destroyed and remade, at least according to the fanatics of the Twilight's Hammer cult. They're not content to simply talk about the world being destroyed, of course. They hope to help it along.

The ravings of some of the cult's more vocal members have been easy to dismiss as mere fancy in the past - but not once one has seen the Bastion of Twilight, the embodiment of the Hammer's fascination with new forms and transcending earthly bodies. The entrance to the bastion sits at the peak of the Twilight Citadel, atop a twisted elementium spire that points at the sky. Here, a portal waits to take the greatest Twilight aspirants...where? No one can say for certain.

What is clear is that the Leader of the Twilight's Hammer, Cho'gall, directs his forces from this dread place. And, whatever the location, it is certain to be near to the Old Gods who dwell beneath Azeroth, and give fruit to the darkest dreams of the living.

Encounter Guides

Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Theralion and Valiona
Ascendant Council
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